Once you open the home page, you will see few options on left side they are

  • View quarters
  • Quarter status
  • Rules and regulations
  • Online application
  • Waiting applications
  • Processing applications
  • Rejected applications

VIEW QUARTERS - We can see the types of quarters available under this pool, these quarters are segregated as per class of employees here one can visualize actual picture of the quarter and also see its area.

QUARTER STATUS - We can have a glimpse of entire quarters under the pool here, color coding is given which symbolize its meaning E:g- RED-Quarter is occupied ,AMBER-this quarter is selected and sent for approval to committee members, GREEN- This quarters are vacant one can apply for this quarters, GREY –Quarter is under maintenance. The quarter status gives all quarter information at a glance, her one can know and keep in mind which quarter are vacant under his class and later apply through online applications.

RULES AND REGULATIONS - One can read few important rules and G.R published by Govt of maharashtra regarding quarters allocation,committee,rent fixation ,code of conduct etc.

ONLINE APPLICATION - After going through above information now a person knows which quarters are vacant under his class and now he can apply through online application, he needs to fill necessary details regarding him along with *priority information if applicable.After filling necessary details there is a option of select quarters at the bottom, here he can select from available vacant quarters under his class, if no quarter are available while selection he has to choose “as per availability option” as his choice.

There is a last check box which says a statement” I am ready to accept which ever quarter is available at time of allocation check Yes or No”when YES is checked this means if the applicant has selected a quarter of his choice but if same is not available while allocation he is ready to accept which ever quarter is given by the atomized system as per availability. If he checks in NO box this means the applicant only want a particular quarter of his choice and not willing to take other vacant quarter given by the system as per his seniority number and available vacancy. Thus in this case the system will give the quarter to his successor, and the applicant will get his quarer only when his choice is available.

After filling entire information click of save and sent application. After doing this application is sent to Member Secretary, and you will immediately receive atomized message of successfully applied from PWD. A verification call from PWD will also be received at earliest.

Once the verification is done and application found valid PWD will put this in waiting application list.

Priority information :- As per the GR of Govt of Maharashtra dated - 21.12.82. About 22% reservations of available are given at time of allocation as for following applicants

  • T.B.
  • Heart disease
  • Handicap
  • Inter cast marriage
  • Ex-servicemen
  • Cancer

WAITING APPLICATIONS - Her one can visualize his seniority as per his class .

PROCESSING APPLICATION - As per quarters vacancy all application will be processed every month as per scheduling date decided by Member Secretary. Onces these applications are processed they go to all committee members. One can see his application status in processing applications.Onces approval received from these committee members the application goes to Divisional commissioner and onces approved by him the applicant will be immediately informed about the quarters he has got through a automized message.

REJECTED APPLICATION - If at time of application or at time of processing any application are found invalid they are rejected by Member Secretary or committee members with a note of rejection. On can visualize the same here.