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Nashik is Divisional Head Quarters for districts Nandurbar, Dhule, Jalgaon, Ahmednagar and Nashik.

Nashik is known for its rich cultural heritage and recently it way included in eleven smart cities of Maharashtra in programme of central government..It also has a Divisional Administrative Head Office located at Nashik road, this head office is for Districts Nandurbar,Dhule,Jalgaon,Ahmednagar and Nashik.

Govt quarters are available for Maharashtra State / Central Govt. Employee working in Nashik head quarters. These quarters are available at following locations and numbers

Property Class Type Quarters
Golf Club Bunglows Class 1 6
Nashikraod Bunglows Class 1 3
Vasant Bahar Building Class 1 6
Varsha Building Class 1 6
Vaishali Building Class 2 12
Bachat Pushp Building Class 2 20
Pethroad Super Class1 Flats Class 1 8
Pethroad Class1 Flats Class 1 16
BachatSagar Building Class 1 4
Sidhhi Vinayak Building Class 2 28
Nashik Road Bunglow Chal Type Class 2 20
Pethroad Aadivasi Colony Class 2 40
Vijay Vasahat Class 3 28
Lal Bahadur Shatri Vasahat Class 3 12
Sidhhi Vinayak Building Class 3 40
Sardar Patel Vasahat Class 3 16
Peth Road Aadiwasi Colony Class 3 32
Renuka Nagar Society Class 3 7
Shikhar Society Class 3 5
Old Ashwini Chal Type Class 3 54
Mahatma Phule Shaskiy Vasahat Class 4 96
Peth Road Aadivasi Colony Class 4 48
Class 4 5


Every year eligible govt employees are transferred as a part of their duty from one place to other.Going to different place for work also means shifting their entire family schedule, A basic need arises for a place of living in a new town, if these employees get a living place as per available vacancy in a short span of time this will not only reduce there mental stress but also increase there work efficiency . as presently lot of time is wasted from date of application till getting final decision regarding getting quarters as the meetings of the committee members are done once or twice a year,the applicant has to wait till a decision is made by these committee members. Even if the quarters are vacated they cannot be immediately filled until meeting of committee members is done.

Taking all these things into consideration it was decided that a faster transparent and atomized procedure should be adopted to meet the above challenges. Accordingly development of this software is being made hoping this will address maximum issues related to allocation of quarters.

About Committee and few important Govt resolutions

As per Public Works Department Manual Rule 379 Appendix 33, the Government Quarters are allotted by Govt. Quarters Allotment Committee. In order to have proper co-ordination between committee members for allotment of Govt. Quarters for District Accomodation Allotment Committee and Accommodation Allotment Committee of Municipal Corporation places like Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Amravati. The reconstruction of above mentioned both committees has been proposed as per Public Works Department Resolution No. ACD 1084/3900 CR 109/M2/Mantralaya Mumbai 400032 dt. 25th January 1989. The constitution of the committees as follows.

Accommodation Allotment Committee at Municipal Corporation places (Pune, Nagpur, Nashik, Aurangabad and Amravati City)

Divisional Commissioner, Nashik Chairmain
The District Collector, Nashik Member
The District Judge, Nashik Member
The Chief Executive Officer, Z.P. Nashik Member
The Commisioner Of Police, Nashik Member
The Civil Surgeon, Nashik Member
The Superintending Engineer, P.W.Circle, Nashik Member
The Executive Engineer, P.WD, Nashik Secretary

For demand of Govt. Quarters the concern persons should fill online application in the prescribed form and submit it to member Secretary of Committee i.e. Executive Engineer, P.W. Division.Nashik. The Waiting list is prepared after validating an application in its class as per post /pay scale and date of application.

As per the Govt. Resolution about 22% reservations are done for following applicant belonging to 1) Tuberculosis (T.B) 2) Cancer 3) Handicap 4) Ex-Servicemen 5) Intercast marriage 6) Heart disease. is also considered. The allotment is done as per guidelines laid vide Govt. Resolution dt 21.Dec 1982.

Code of conduct is given as per guidelines laid in govt resolution 17 july 1991. regarding vacating quarters guidelines are given as per govt resolution dated 7 feb 2002. fixation of rent is done as per revised govt resolution 15 june 2015.